Year of birth: 1974
1988–1992. Secondary School of Visual Arts
1992–1997 The Hungarian University of Fine Arts – Sculpture Department
(masters: József Somogyi, István Bencsik, Zoltán Karmó)
1997–1999. Master of Arts

1992 Kerényi Jenő Award
1996 2nd Prize of Sculptor Competition of Makó
2003 Autumn Gallery in Hódmezővásárhely
2005 Honorary Citizen of Verőce
2006 Silver Badge of the Order of Merit of Poland
2010 Golden Plaquette of Szeged

1995 The Museum and Library of Hungarian Agriculture
1995 Autumn Gallery, Hódmezővásárhely
1996 National Biennale of Small Sculptures, Pécs
1997 The Museum and Library of Hungarian Agriculture
1999 Municipal Gallery, Csongrád
1997–2000 Exhibitions of the Altamira Association
2000 Hedon Gallery
2000 Paris, Salon '2000
2001 National Biennale of Portraits, Hatvan
2001 Solo Exhibition – Municipal Gallery of Verőce
2001 Paris, Salon '2001
2002 Paris, Salon '2002
2002 Veresegyház
2003 House of Arts, Eger
2004 Millenáris Park
2003 Sculptors' Symposion, Zalaszentgrót
2004 Stone Sculptors’ Symposion, Verőce
2004 Sculpture Symposion, Zalaszentgrót
2005 Museum and Library of Hungarian Agriculture
2005 Arthority Gallery, Budapest
2011 Forrás Art Institution
2011 Sculpture Symposion, Zalaszentgrót
2011 Autumn Gallery, Hódmezővásárhely
2012 Újpest Gallery
2013 The Episcopal Palace in Sümeg, Art Camp
2014 The Budapest Zoo and Bothanical Garden
2015 Villa Negra Association, Biatorbágy

2000 Blessed Gisella of Hungary, Pilisvörösvár (bronze)
2000 Géza, Grand Prince of the Hungarians on horseback, Verőce (bronze)
2001 Portrait of Viktor Maderspach, Telki (bronze)
2001 Relief of Gyula Ugró, Budapest (bronze)
2002 Fountain of St John the Baptist, Verőce (bronze, stone)
2002 Relief of Lipót Aschner, Budapest (bronze)
2002 Portrait of St. Kinga and St Hedvig, Budapest (limestone)
2004 Monument of St. Christopher, Verőce (sandstone)
2004 Hungarian conqueror on horseback, Verőce (sandstone)
2005 Relief of Henrik Slawik, Budapest (bronze, stone)
2005 Portrait of Sámuel Mikoviny, Tata (bronze)
2005 Fountain of the Tree of Life, Verőce (limestone)
2005 Portrait of Albert Wass, Verőce (bronze)
2006 Monument of the Polish-Hungarian Friendship, Győr (sandstone)
2006 Monument of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, Gyöngyös (limestone, bronze)
2006 Pegasus Monument of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, Kisoroszi (bronze)
2007 The Scallop Shell of St Jacob, Verőce (sandstone)
2008 The raven of Hollókő, Hollókő (iron plate)
2009 Portrait of Gyula Kelemen, Budapest (bronze)
2010 Portrait of King Béla IV, Szeged – Co-creator: Tóth Béla (bronze)
2010 Portrait of Árpád Puky, Gyöngyös (bronze)
2010 Portrait of Emil Wolf, Budapest (bronze)
2010 St. Elizabeth, Rimóc (bronze)
2011 Relief of St John the Apostle, Budapest (bronze)
2011 Tree of Life in Hollókő (limestone, bronze)
2011 Monument of Trianon, Hatvan (limestone, bronze)
2011 Portrait of Olivér Halassy, Budapest (bronze, limestone)
2011 City model of Gyöngyös (bronze, granite)
2012 Prince Árpád, leader of the Hungarian tribal federation, Pomáz (bronze)
2013 Portrait of Ferenc Puskás, Budapest – Co-creator: Gyula Pauer (bronze)
2013 Day-labour, Rimóc (bronze)
2014 Monument of Trianon, Budaörs (limestone)
2014 Portrait of Ferenc Csík, Keszthely (bronze, limestone, grass)
2014 Sissy, the Empress of Austria and the Queen of Hungary
2015 Corpus – Church of St Adalbert, Budapest (cherry wood, stainless steel)
2016 Horse portrait of Kincsem, Göd – Co-creator: Tóth Béla (bronze)
2016 Fountain of a Swabian Monument, Kismaros (bronze, limestone)
2016 Portrait of Miklós Ybl, Verőce (bronze)
2016 Monument for the Victims of Malenkaja rabota, Szendehely (bronze, limestone)
2016 Monument of the 1848/49 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence, Tatabánya (limestone, bronze)